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 I VenDEttA v3 I

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PostSubject: I VenDEttA v3 I   Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:48 pm

What is your name and what is your Gamertag?

How often are you on? AT LEAST once a day but it is for a good length of time

Are you more interested in infection lobbies or Full lobbies? I love both of them Full lobbies to take care of business then infection lobbies just for shits and giggles

Which events do you most enjoy? Any even when im hangin with the crew

How old are you? 17...18 June 27th

Do you have any friends in BioTechModz? If so, how'd you meet and how long have you known them? Yes i do i know them because ive been around since mysticmodz

Do you have any problems with any current BioTechModz members? If so, have you tried to work them out? I did and yes they have been woorked out

How would you benefit the BioTechModz community if given a position within the staff? Already a staff member

Do you use XAT/Ventrillo/Meebo? Ventrillo

Do you use any messengers? If so, share them: msn.. aim...

What timezone do you live in? Pacific

Tell us a little about yourself (Whatever you want to add): Well most of every one knows me. Ive been goin through some rough times with the family but i should be fully back and streamin and such within the next couple of weeks.
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I VenDEttA v3 I
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