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 Hello I'm Mitchell

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PostSubject: Hello I'm Mitchell   Mon Dec 12, 2011 2:58 am

What is your name and what is your Gamertag?
My name is Mitch and my gamertag is Jackowski33

How often are you on?
I play on my spare time, couple times a week.

Are you more interested in infection lobbies or Full lobbies?
I don't have a full understanding about what these are. I like prestige lobbies with all unlocks and lobbies where you can screw around with high jumping and fast running. I'd say both.

Which events do you most enjoy? 
All, I guess.

How old are you? 
Only 15 Smile

Do you have any friends in BioTechModz? If so, how'd you meet and how long have you known them? 
Iv talked to a few on Xbox, don't know any in person. Iv talked to Luch and MyChemistry.

Do you have any problems with any current BioTechModz members? If so, have you tried to work them out? 
No problems

How would you benefit the BioTechModz community if given a position within the staff? 
I would really like to support BioTechModz by advertising and getting you even more popular. I can assist whenever I'm on and could help out Canadians like me. 

Do you use XAT/Ventrillo/Meebo?
No I don't.

Do you use any messengers? If so, share them:
Not messengers but I have a cell phone.

What timezone do you live in?
Eastern time zone

Tell us a little about yourself (Whatever you want to add):
I like to play basketball, and it's not easy finding a good place to play around here Wink
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Hello I'm Mitchell
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